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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a tactic that uses paid strategies to gain visibility on search engines. This is also known as PPC (pay-per-click). Unlike SEO, which helps a website rank organically, SEM uses different platforms, such as Google Ads and Bing Ads to reach its target audience. This involves setting up and optimizing paid ads, managing the account, and increasing returns. SEMs usually begin with comprehensive keyword research and competitor insights to create campaigns that place their product or services in front of their target audience. Our campaigns may include dental PPC, shopping, display, Gmail, and YouTube ads. When users search for specific terms the advertiser is running ads against; they will see the custom ad, usually at the top of the SERPs.

Dental search engine marketing also gives you full control over when ads are seen and who sees them, which is great for testing new strategies, driving traffic to sales, or increasing visibility during slower times. Ultimately, it is best to view SEO and SEM as two parts of a larger digital strategy that drives visibility, traffic, and conversions from search engines.

There may be circumstances where one must adjust their plans to manage the changing environment. As such, it is necessary to be flexible and ready to alter goals and objectives to continue progressing in the desired direction. Being able to be adaptable is key to reaching the desired result.

PPC For Dentists
Search Engine Marketing (aka SEM, Google AdWords)

Have your dental practice appear with sponsored placements at the top of Google searches. We will curate a list of dentist AdWords keywords specific to your practice, including all services offered, to place at the top of search results. Those who search can either click on the website or call the practice directly in these searches, with us monitoring both clicks and phone calls.

Search terms could include: Dentist near me, new dentist, tooth pain, walk-in dentist, dentist open on weekends, local dentist, cavity dentist, root canal dentist, etc. (We use your website as a guide to determine our keyword list and search competitive terms to ensure a full list)

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Search Retargeting

Using the same keywords as SEM, we will serve ads to those who have previously searched those terms to remind them and capture those who may not have acted yet to choose a new dentist.

Device ID Location Marketing

This tactic is used specifically to target customer acquisition from your competitors. We will serve ads on mobile devices only from those that we know have been to a competitor location. Accuracy is within 3’ of a personal device, so we will only get those in the dental practice, and we can go as far back as two years to capture the data in building the audience.

Unique Audience Insights

1st party, pre-campaign research (CEL, CDL, Path to Visit) and post-campaign reporting (LVR, Lift Study) are unique reporting capabilities that are conducted to provide deeper audience insights and more accurate campaign results.

Mobile Device ID

Versus traditional Geofencing

Mobile Device ID technology brings more physical and demographical precision, using hand-drawn polygons and layering in target behaviors and/or personas to capture data.

Mobile Device ID Targeting Geofencing
Accuracy Within 3 feet Within 35 meters (114 feet)
Ad Serving Upon entry and/or exit of custom polygon Upon entry of circle
Go back in time (up to 2 years) to tag
devices seen at select locations
Unable to go back in time
Attribution Measure visitation from campaign delivery Can only target devices seen in geo-fenced area
Determine where people live, work, and frequent Unable to determine where people live, work, or frequent
Target Personas Determine gender, head of household, etc. Unable to overlay personas
Insights Determine patronage patterns before or after visiting location Unable to determine patronage patterns within circle
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