The dental implants market has continued to own the spotlight in the dental devices market. Unlike conventional devices such as crowns, bridges, or dentures, dental implants are more advanced and use digital technology, leading to enhance procedure efficiency, better stability, and minimal adverse effects. Learn how your practice can become a player in the dental implant market by reading the six tips below. 

The dental implant market is white hot right now as dental practices across the country are getting wise to the fact that dental implants are an excellent way to increase revenue. In fact, implants are one of the most profitable procedures a dentist can perform. Advertising for implants has ramped up significantly in the last two years as the market has become increasingly competitive. So how can an independent practice effectively stake its claim in the dental implant market?

In our experience, it takes a little creativity and an organized, strategic approach, which we have broken down into six steps.

To start off, it is extremely helpful if your practice already has some dental implant patients because they will be key in spreading the word. Contact your implant patients with the best success stories and invite them in to record video testimonials. A video montage of testimonials in which existing patients explain how dental implants have changed their lives is a highly effective marketing tool and relatively easy to do.

Patients who are seeking information about the procedure want to know that other people just like them have had success. It gives them peace of mind and helps them understand the long-term physical and emotional benefits of implants.

In addition to recording patient testimonials, you should also gather reviews from your implant patients and collect before and after photos to drive the point home even further.

Beyond testimonials and reviews from existing patients, people seeking information about dental implants want to know the benefits of the procedure from the dentist’s perspective. A good way to do this and support your other implant marketing efforts is to write informative blogs and articles.

Make sure to focus on the benefits of implants in general, as well as the benefits over other procedures.

As we say in marketing — features tell, but benefits sell.

In other words, stick to explaining the advantages of implants, without getting too technical. Try to use simple, clear language that anyone could understand, even if they know nothing about dentistry. Leave out the jargon and appeal to patients’ desire to improve their health and change their lives.

The third step in the plan is to create a dental implants landing page for your practice’s website. The purpose of this page will essentially be to advertise the benefits of dental implants. Here, you can include the video testimonials from your patients, the before and after pictures you’ve taken, and the reviews you’ve collected.

There should also be some paragraphs and bullet points explaining why patients should choose dental implants over other treatment options and how implants can have a positive impact on a patient’s health. Include some information about what implants are and the different types your practice offers.

We also recommend including a video of the doctor explaining why they believe in dental implants and how they have benefited their patients.

Once the landing page is up and running, the next step is to start advertising that your practice does dental implants. Using Google to advertise will help you target patients in your specific area who are searching for information about dental implants, tooth replacement options, and dentures.

This is an important step because just having the landing page, a blog, and testimonials does not actually get the practice’s name out there associated with dental implants. You need an advertising service like Google to bridge the gap. Additionally, Google is trackable and provides a variety of options for targeting a specific audience of potential patients.

Another way to get your practice’s name associated with dental implants is to share dental implant related content on social media. Again, here you can use the testimonials, reviews, and photos you’ve already gathered. You can also create original content to keep it fresh. The important thing is to be consistent and post content on a regular basis. Sharing dental implant content on multiple social media channels, as well as on your website, will increase the likelihood that patients searching online will find your blog, your landing page, your reviews, etc.

The last essential step in a successful dental implant marketing strategy is to leverage your existing patient base. Email is an excellent way to reach out to existing patients to tell them about the benefits of dental implants. You’ll want to follow the same guidelines for emails as for blogs, i.e. not getting too technical and focusing mainly on the benefits.

Keep the writing friendly and personal to increase the likelihood that your email will resonate with the patients you are targeting.

If you have patients for whom you have already developed a dental implant treatment plan, reach out to them specifically with an email to remind them why dental implants are their best option and urge them to move forward with their personal treatment plan.

With the six steps outlined above, your practice can become a player in the dental implant market. Whether you implement this plan on your own or work with your trusted marketing partner, you’ll want to be persistent for the best results. With a consistent effort, your practice is sure to see a difference in the number of patients inquiring about implants. And more inquiries means more patients who follow through with treatment and more revenue for your practice.

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