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At DentalMAX Solutions, we are dedicated to helping dental practices thrive in today’s competitive landscape… and you need an all-in-one solution to connect with your people. You just do! Why? To meet your patients’ expectations and maintain your employees’ sanity. 

Phones. Texting. Scheduling. Reminders. Payments. Reviews.

We want you to be able to offer cutting-edge solutions.
More personalized. More modern. More efficient.

We offer you support and implementation with the industry leader:

This powerful solution address distinct aspects of dental practice management and play crucial roles in enhancing patient experiences and driving business growth.


Weave is your go-to platform for elevating patient communication and engagement. With real-time interaction and automated features, Weave ensures a seamless patient experience, enabling you to build stronger relationships with your patients.

  • Real-Time Communication: Engage with patients through two-way texting, making it easier to connect and build stronger relationships.
  • Automated Appointment Reminders: Reduce no-shows with automated reminders, ensuring a smoother and more efficient schedule.
  • Online Reviews and Surveys: Collect valuable feedback from patients and increase your online reputation to attract more clients.
  • Integration with Practice Management Software: Weave seamlessly integrates with popular practice management software used by dental practices, enabling easy access to patient information and streamlining workflow.

Let's Elevate Your Dental Practice

Take the first step towards transforming your dental practice with Weave. Partner with DentalMAX Solutions, and together, we’ll unlock the potential of your patient communication and marketing strategies. Contact us today for a personalized consultation, and discover how our data-driven approach can propel your dental practice to new heights.

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